Meet The Girls

I want you to meet the faces of my amazing second photographers.

there is something nice about knowing who is behind the name before your wedding day.

These girls all have their own small photography businesses alongside other jobs and I totally rate their work.

Read below for more information on each of them.

Eleanor Davis


Eleanor has had her own photography business for a fews years now, she's well established and we have worked together at various weddings together,

with her caring nature and amazing personality, she knows how to adjust to all aspects. She's also not afraid to jump right on in there with the guests and have fun at the same time, I've had the best time working alongside Eleanor and when together we both always seem to know what the other is thinking helping make your day run smoothly.

Becky Peat


Becky being a parent of 2 amazing girls, works part time in property. She has recently gotten back into her photography after taking time out, she's underestimates her skill, but I know she's got what it takes to work alongside me, she has a great sense of humour and is understanding with smaller ones in the world. Give her the chance and she'll be having as much fun on the dance floor as your guests whilst taking photos.

Leonie Hill


Leonie, Is a wonderful photographer, studying the art form in college, this then became a hobby of hers over the past 10 years. She's mainly photographed sporting events like motorbikes, but has absolutely got the eye for portrait work too, believe me. Leonie works full time as a dental nurse. This means she's not afraid of a new challenge, and is used to work alongside others in high pressure environments. I know she'll be a great asset to me.

Eleanor, Emily and Myself

This is the first photo the three of us have gotten together,

Myself and Eleanor were the photographers for this wedding whilst Emily had been "banned" from touching a camera as she was a bridemaid.

well this obviously wasn't the case and we did manage to get a sneaky pic together.

After all if it wasn't for Emily, me and Eleanor would never have met nor work and learn together and from each other.

Me and Leonie

Both friends for years and now photographers together, I have managed to give Leonie the confidence to not just come and photograph alongside me but take on her own wedding bookings. Proud is an understatement.

Myself and Eleanor

Eleanor is such a delight to work alongside.

I have the absolute best time with her, I always think we work so well together, it's like telepathic communication, we just know what the other is thinking. You will most likely find us chuckling somewhere too during the wedding breakfast.