I'm Hannah.

I'm a 29 year old bought up in the heart of Devon.

I've been a qualified nurse for 4 years now it's a tough but rewarding job. Nursing Is my Profession.

Photography is my Trade, also my hobby, now business and craft. I just love it.

Between this and nursing I have the best time.

I am cutting back my nursing hours slightly to give myself a better work life balance.

My Work Style

I like to think of my Photography style as bright and fun. Keeping it natural but highlighting those colours keeping it bright and timeless.

I never aim to put anyone in a situation that's uncomfortable for you. I also try to blend in as much as possible so much so often wedding vendors who don't know me, will often pass on by. I want to look like and work with the guests. Capturing those candid moments and only staging your group photos and a few couple ones here and there.

I'm also a fully grown child and I love to have fun, so I want everyone else to have fun also. This is what you remember.

I have various interests in my free time. I've been an active YFC member for years, I have farming heritage in my blood also. I enjoy all things countryside and agricultural.

My whole family are avid motorsport fans, so we spend a lot of weekends competing, or volunteering at various events. I'm apart of West Country Rescue which help with any incidents that may occur (I attend these events around my work, weddings and shoots).

I love to swim and keep fit, then come home and bake lots of cakes (its okay I've done some exercise first).

I also enjoy making flower arrangements for my local village garden club shows.

Did you know....

I don't just take photos, I've been known to make bows, assist with dressing both brides and bridesmaid, attach a vast amount of buttonholes and even take babies for a walk in the pram whilst the bride and groom are still eating.

No Job is ever too big, I try to give 100% at every shoot I go to, and not forgetting I like to come away knowing both myself and the customer are smiling, from the enjoyable time we've had.

"“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.”"

—Diane Arbus

"“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”"

—Dorothea Lange